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Hydromechanical Outrigger
Patent Pending
Engineer approved
Foldable for easy storage
New Generation !
Light Weight !
Better Security !
Longer Durability !
Much Faster !
Toll free: 1-866-704-0804
- This new outrigger fits all types of
  masonry scaffolding.
- Max. 20" between cross bars
- To raise the platform, simply press
  down on the foot lever
  and lift the top hook occasionally.

- Go up to the top or down without ever
  having to manipulate your planks.
Not available in stores
Basic Unit
10-unit rack
15-unit rack
20-unit rack
Individual 5-unit add-on
(sold separately)
to jobsite and on the jobsite
For easy storage and transportation
Model SHM-1p
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Same day financing
now available!

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