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Patent Pending
Hydromechanical Outrigger
for masons
Works on ALL types of scaffolds.
Foldable for EASY storage.
The WINNING solution that simplifies the job.
Will generate short and long-terme SAVINGS.
Not available in stores
This ergonomic support lever is designed
to ELIMINATE unpleasant as well as time
consuming tasks. The ScafJack support
lever is installed the same way traditional
supports are installed. The support lever
and the planks stay in place until the end
of the job, up to the top. To raise the plank,
apply on the lever manually, lift the top hook
occasionally and you're set to go !

This new tool provides ADDITIONAL SAFETY
to bricklayers while SAVING time and money.
Toll free: 1-866-704-0804
Model SHM-1
Model SHM-1P
New Generation !
Light Weight !
Better Security !
Longer Durability !
Much Faster !
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Not available in stores
Basic Unit
10-unit rack
15-unit rack
20-unit rack
Individual 5-unit add-on
(sold separately)
to jobsite and on the jobsite
For easy storage and transportation
Retail price: $895.00
Introductory price: $750.00